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About Our Founder

Senzilla Health Services (SHS) started in 2018 in Minnesota. After years of working with kids as a counselor in California, I wanted to continue my passion once moving to Minnesota. I wanted to especially focus on kids with developmental delays.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide therapeutic care for children, youths, and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our mission is to provide opportunities to enhance their personal growth, their health, and their social engagement because we believe that all people with autism can enjoy equal opportunities and high-quality life.

Our Vision

We envisioned a world where people with autism have the guaranteed opportunities for development that enable them to exercise their right to education, health, livelihood, and social engagement.

Our Philosophy



Senzilla health services cares about our clients and people. We want to educate and help the world with the struggles those people go through. Senzilla cares about the health of everyone in this earth, sometimes it is very unique if you don’t give up.



Senzilla health service will always been Kind to our clients. Senzilla health service mission is to inspire their clients to become awakening their minds to their greatness struggle, also Senzilla health services understand about their client’s needs.



Senzilla health services has Senzilla health service has a quality of our clients that makes them worthy and behavior or appearance. Senzilla health services gives privacy and protections of our client’s dignity of individuals.



Senzilla health services respect all their client’s opinion of their character or ideas. Senzilla health service values client’s decisions and lifestyle choices recognize serve an ideology.

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a young mentally disabled girl and boy smiling